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Below are the release notes for the July/ August 2020 release.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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Issue Fixes

Id Title Description
26020 Issue with 'Outstanding Subscription Orders by Subscription' Query Results  'Oustanding Subscription Orders by Subscription' query will no longer pull duplicates for customers subscription orders when a purchase demographic field is added into the result list.
26087 Forgot Password link fails when no password is populated for the record. Forgot Password link will prompt you to change your password even if no password is populated for a record.
26038 Unable to select an order to process payment. Users will now be able to make payments on orders when there are more than 100 line items on a record.
25952 eWeb Session Expired Message despite not logging in before. eWeb Session Expired Message will no longer appear if you did not login before.

System Updates
  Title Description
  Update Confirmation Email Message for eWeb Forgot Password To assist Pro users who are not able to click on the Forgot Password link due to their organization's internal email security requirements, the following directions have been added to the email confirmation for eWeb users for have forgotten their password.  "If the above link is not clickable, please copy and paste it into the address bar of your web browser."
  Event Registration_Review order Page: Sessions not showing up in Sort order Sessions will now show in sort order on the Review Order page.
  NRDS- Financial Sync Include Miscellaneous Products for Synching  The NRDS Financial synch now includes miscellaneous products for Realtor customers who use Miscellaneous products to track both their Late Fees and New Membership Fees.  The Fiscal Year will be populated with the year of the payment.   
  eweb_Login: Login failed using updated password New eWeb Users that were intermittently experiencing login failure because their password was updated on first eWeb login and then again by staff in iWeb are now able to log in without issue.


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