New for Community Brands netFORUM Pro in March, 2020

General Updates - March 2020 Release

These are the general updates and improvements to netFORUM Pro for March, 2020 There are seven updates in total for this release under the topics:  Report Performance, Security Enhancements, Registration Enhancements, and Bug Fixes.


Report Performance

Cash Flow Report

Enhancement: Updates to the indexes and temporary tables were done to improve the performance of the baseline cash flow report.


Security Enhancements

Include Password Complexity Instructions on User Account

Enhancement: Password complexity instructions have been added to the user account form under the Administration module -> User Management group.

User Lockout

Enhancement: After six failed attempts, users will be locked out of their account. The account will be locked for 30 minutes. The user can either immediately contact a staff member with administrator rights to unlock the account or wait 30 minutes for the account to automatically unlock.


Registration Enhancements

Addition of a Guest Registration Capacity Message

Enhancement: If the event capacity for an event has been reached, a message stating "This Event if Full" is displayed and the "Add Guest' button is disabled. If the event capacity has not been reached but the number of allowed guest registrants (system option) has been reached, the message "You have reached your limit of guest registrations" is displayed and the Add Guest button is disabled.


Bug Fixes

Issue #19155 "Open Credits" and "Open Credits as of Date" Reports

Bug Fix: The "Open Credits" and "Open Credits as of Date" reports have been updated to ensure all credits are accounted for.

Issue #24754 Incorrect Column Names for Custom Event Demographic Flag Fields in Excel Report

Bug Fix: Previously if more than one event used the demographic check flag field, any report that included registrations from multiple events would display the incorrect column name. Now, the report will display the default caption value, ex. Flag_01 on reports that contain registrants for multiple events. If all the registrants displayed on the report are from the same event, the updated caption value, ex., Vegetarian Meal, will be displayed

Issue #25304 Accounting Module Add Payment Feature is Not Processing Credit Card Payments

Bug Fix: The Add Payment feature in the Accounting module will now successfully process credit card payments.


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