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Below are the release notes for the March 2021 release. 

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ID Title Description
52055 Eweb_My Subscription: My subscription page is not getting loaded  Subscriptions purchased with a future date will now display on the My Subscription page on eWeb.
23724 Users are unable to properly create subqueries in the query editing tool  User are now able to create and save queries with a sub query element
23475 Payment “Sales Tax Report - Detail and Sales Tax Report - Summary” reports are not displaying results  Sales Tax Report is now displaying transactions when date type is “Payment” or “Invoice”.
13125 Ledger Detail Report by Charge Code Issue: Doing a credit card refund in same batch as payment causes duplicate payment entries in batch  When doing a credit card refund in the same batch as the payment a duplicate payment record is no longer created 
26445 Order not shown in query results. When the start date and end date are the same, all orders for the specified date are shown.
25249 Price for Membership Component in Bundle not being respected, and Fee/Rate can be changed for each bundle/component in the 'Enter Info' window on adding a Bundle The price of the Membership component in the Bundle is now being respected. 
26507 Link to Organization breaks on Individual's CRM page on changing name of Organization and re-saving the 'Primary Org' field with the new organization name. Link to Organization will now remain in place on Individual CRM page when changing the name of the Organization 

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