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Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1.14

--- Added for service pack items only, the fixed 'previous build' column. If the column is blank this indicates the item is new to 2017EP version.
    This Service pack contains new features:   
  • RESTful API Pagination
  • UI Conversions
Module Description
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Advertising Position
Committees [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Committee Position
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Edit Favorites
Awards [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Award Status
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Scoring Decay
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Location Type
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Location Contact Role
Awards [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Award Winner Type
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Product Type
Time and Billing [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Work Type
Fundraising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Recognition Level
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Events Session/track Type
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Areas of Expertise
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Sponsor Type
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Customer Request Document (add)
Subscriptions [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Job Role
Sales [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Opportunity Type
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Rate Card Category
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Room Type
Time and Billing [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit My Expense
Fundraising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Fundraising Gift Type
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Number Of Placements
Certification [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Program Type
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Source Code
CRM [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Individual Type
Accounting [2017UI] [Conversion] Proforma Process Profile
Subscriptions [2017UI] [Conversion] Scheduled Subscription Renewal Profile
Membership [2017UI] [Conversion] Member Drop Process Header Profile
Committees [2017UI] [Conversion] Committee Participation Profile
Membership [2017UI] [Conversion] Dues Renewal Process Profile
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Advertising > Classified Ads > Classified Profile
Inventory [2017UI] [Conversion] Price Edit - Centralized Profile
Events [2017UI] [Conversion] Price - Centralized ( Intended To Replace All Price Forms) Profile
General [REST Services] RESTful API pagination is done in-memory vs using sql pagination
General [REST Services] RESTful API schema does not return the data type or field size
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Support for DropDownListAdd DropDownListAddEdit DropDownListEdit DropDownListAddEditQuery
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] CRM_UserHome: Empty column is displayed at My tasks grand child form at My assigments tab
Accounting [2017UI] [BUG] "Customer Payment Info field" is displaying previously entered data.
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] Form Converter - DropDownListAdd DropDownListAddEdit DropDownListEdit DropDownListAddEditQuery
Framework [2017UI] [BUG] Fundraising Premium: Description of the child forms is not reflected on the New UI
Abstract [2017UI] [Conversion] Abstract-Submission - Edit Submission Page Conversion to NewUI
E-Marketing [2017UI] [BUG] CRM_Individual_Communicate : "Mailing type" control is empty when there are "mailing types" setup and the "start date" is empty and "End Date" is in the past
CRM [2017UI] [NFR] CRM_Individual_Invoice Form has 'ADD'/'Edit' as prefix in Add and Edit button drop down while some forms do not have.
Admin [2017UI] [Conversion] Add/Edit Report
Development Toolkit [2017UI] [Redesign] Need ability to define MVC Widget Types in the FrontEnd
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] ReadOnly fields should not be cleared on page refresh or chain event
Time and Billing [2017UI] [BUG] Time_TimeEntry (Add): make project field a required field
Inventory [2017UI] [BUG] Inventory>Overview>ProductSetup missing ProductType>InstallmentPaymentSetup grandchildform
Framework [2017UI] [BUG] 2017 Wizard with custom ascx do not have header and sidebar
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] Org Profile_Primary Contact checkbox not updated until page is refreshed
Development Toolkit [2017UI] Add/Edit pages need a delete button
Abstract [2017UI] [BUG] Abstract_Reviewer: Fix small UI issues
CRM [2017UI] Find organization wild search returns incorrect list page name
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] List Pages Phase Two
CRM [2017UI] Individual Profile: Primary Organization name is not reflected properly on the organization child form
CRM [2017UI] After Sorting done on the List, User should be re-directed to first page and not remain on the current page
Accounting [2017UI] When MultiCurrency is enabled and invoice is cancelled, "Credit profile" page doesn't display the currency fields.
Admin [2017UI] Allow queries to be used by Charts and Childforms
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] CRM_Customer Setup_Suffixes_ Adding a new Suffix prepopulates random value in Suffix name field
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] CRM_Assignment_Left side profile card is not refreshed with the actual value
Framework [2017UI] [BUG] Remove unnecessary usage of status-label class
Framework [2017UI] [BUG] DynamicForm page's "MVC Add/Edit View" goes to Edit page with no key
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] UpdateGrids Phase Two - Modals
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] UpdateGrids Phase Two - Dropdown/Lookups
Advertising [2017UI] [Conversion] Organization Fax Add/Edit conversion
Framework [2017UI] [NFR] UpdateGrids Phase Two - Fields select uses Grid object
Admin [2017UI] [BUG] Conversion of Scheduled Tasks text at some places overlaps the profile card and is not displayed.(Chrome browser)
Framework [2017UI] Accordion > Add section label and improve styling
Framework [2017UI] Form Designer > Adding a widget can revert widgets to previous state
CRM [2017UI] "Recent Records" shows wrong name for records added to recent Records.
Centralized Order Entry [2017UI COE] Need ability to catch COE invoice detail items for the COE update grid
Time and Billing [2017UI] [BUG] Time_TimeEntry (Add) > Time Billing : Assignment name is not getting saved in Child form.
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] Null reference exception when directly referring dynamic list URL in address bar for 2017UI.
Framework [2017UI]_Widget Section_ Accordion Edit button not visible when the Browser is in Maximize mode
Centralized Order Entry [2017UI] COE Add Product Links
Framework [2017UI] UpdateGrids should indicate which columns are required
CRM [2017UI] [BUG] Individual Profile: Primary Phone, Fax No and Mailing Label Html (Address) is not getting reflected on Individual Profile card (Left Side) need to refresh the page.
Centralized Order Entry [2017UI] UpdateGrids that have external add functionality need to remove item from memory when deleting rows
Centralized Order Entry [2017UI] UpdateGrid losing collection data when chaining
CRM [2017UI] Unable to upload the document in the "Individual document"
CRM [New_UI] When accessing the CRM->Requests-> Customer Request, a few errors are being recorded in the "fw_error_log" and the reason field is empty in the “Customer Request”profile.
Events [New_UI]: Event->Registrant-> List Registrants-> Events Registrant profile page: “ throws errors in the "fw_error_log"
CRM [2017UI] Individual -> Add invoice-> Source code '+' icon form redirects to Individual Profile page
Accounting [NEWUI] Credit Profile Form CC Expire Date is not populated for Credit Card payment and errors are logged
Abstract [2017UI] Duplicate child forms are displayed for user with only "netFORUM User Role" privileges
Events [2017UI] Accounting > Payment Method > Add Payment Method > changing business unit needs to refresh cash accounts dropdown

Service Pack 14

Issue # Module Description
13300 CRM When changing the status of an assignment from Open to Closed you are prompted with ?All associated tasks will be closed also. Continue?? but if it is switched to ?Closed? with a capital C you are not prompted
19197 Framework "Add - Individual" form pre-populates Designation field with USER's login [Chrome only, autofill enabled]
19957 Admin Find Error Log date filter not working in the Admin Module
20383 CRM Organization "Address Change Log" reflects "individual address" change, if they were once "linked"
20875 CRM Customer activities are not being displayed
21022 eWeb The "check-out" button is visible when shopping cart is empty and user is logged in
21775 Accounting "Tax Product" set for a Province/State in one Country being applied to the Province/State in another Country that has the same acronym
22308 Accounting When using "Batch Payment" process "payment confirmation emails" are not being sent
23285 Centralized Order Entry "Void Invoice": Foreign key constraint errors when "voiding" a Membership with a "synced" Subscription (constraint "FK_ac_invoice_detail_term_mb_membership_x_ac_invoice_trm_mxi_key")
23584 Centralized Order Entry "Source Codes" do not work as a "Price Attribute"
23770 General [Performance] Group item link security remains extremely slow for customers with a large amount of users and or security groups
23798 Sales [Performance] Loading the "Installment Billing - Detail" form very slow
24003 Admin Mailing Label Update > Address Update Utility fails (error "HTTP 404. The resource cannot be found."/ "Legacy-progressbar.aspx' does not exist")
24131 Accounting COE form: ALL "business unit" related "Stored Payment Infos" can be chosen, regardless of "Batch Business Unit"
24258 Accounting Batch closing error (constraint "CK_ac_deferral_1") for "deferred/ prorated/ prorated in first year" membership invoices
24307 Admin "co_individual_x_organization" table missing Foreign Key constraint - "ixo_rlt_key"
24337 xWeb [Performance] xWeb: "ws_security" delete not completing before being called again
24487 Admin iWeb: The "Get Help > Abila netFORUM Community" link in netFORUM site takes you to the incorrect "Login" site
24516 CRM [Performance] "Combine/Merge Dups": Merge record process much slower than previous speed in more recent builds
24724 Admin [Security] User GROUP Profile: "Content Link Security" does not respect "gsc_delete_flag" or "uxg_delete_flag"
24732 Fundraising [Performance] Performance Issue: Time out error is thrown when the SO "BulkFundraisingUpdateGiftFundStatisticsTasks" set to be "TRUE" as the baseline SP "np_gift_FundraisingUpdateGiftFundStatisticsTask" and the command timeout is 30 seconds
25059 Fundraising Pledge (ProcessGifts method on "fn_pledge") checkout process does not account for "np_gift_ext" extender columns ( Error "Incorrect syntax near ','." )
25096 Events External code call from "workflow rule" for "Event Registrant" Object causing duplicate RXI record
25158 Framework Scheduled tasks remain in "Processing" and history records are not updated when "Update.History" task fails
25179 CRM [2017UI] "Customer Request Setup > Activity Type" child form: "Activity Type" does not display "reason"/ "role"/ "template" if its name has a "space" or "special character"
25230 Centralized Order Entry COE: "Tab" key causes "Source Code" lookup to not postback
25246 Accounting [Intacct: Changes to "name"/"description" does not get updated in NetForum when there's a "re-import" from the Intacct Accounting System
25267 Accounting "Stored Payment Method" is not being created for "PayFlowPro" credit cards (PayPal) when creating "recurring gifts"/ "Installment Payments" orders
25275 Centralized Order Entry "Crowd Wisdom" Integration has incorrect "End Date" when NFE sends orders
25278 Accounting [2017UI] "Edit Invoice" has incorrect validation on "Bill To Customer" field
25290 Inventory "Unpaid" line items/invoices not being fulfilled / add "System Option" to allow customers to fulfill/ not fulfill "unpaid" line items/invoices
25319 Events [2017UI] Unable to save "FORM" if the field contains HTML/ when characters are included (Errors: "Unfortunately, some features have failed to load" / "A potentially dangerous Request..." )
25321 Awards [2017UI] Child form "add" link incorrect URL when using a "Wizard"
25327 Framework [2017UI] [Solved by 130997] "Non-Admin" iWeb users "child"/"grandchild" form widget errors
25338 Certification Crowd Wisdom: "Credit Sync" for "Crowd Wisdom" does not fire workflow
25360 Baseline Reports/Queries "Invoice with Format" report: "Installment payment" invoices displaying only "amount due" for one month and not for past months
25379 Admin [Security] "Group Security" not working in "New UI"/ Unable to access module
25395 Admin [Security] "Group Security" including "soft-deleted"/ "hidden" groups in "New UI"
25404 Accounting iWeb: Editing "payment method" for customer "stored payment info" should not be allowed once that stored payment info has been vaulted and/or used for payment
25424 Accounting [Security] User is still able to "add a batch" even if the "group security" they belong to "does not have the access" to do so
25433 Payment Processing BluePay SDK – Successful VISA/MC Transactions with 6 or more invoice line items may be erroneously treated as failed because the response data is truncated
25439 CRM [2017UI] List Pages for "queries" do not respect "query columns" defined by "query"
25522 Framework Document Storage Provider: Fileviewer errors when displaying large files

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