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Below are the release notes for the October 2020 release.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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Issue Fixes
ID Title Description of Fix
25860 eMarketing wizard will not allow GetDate to be used. Users can now include a GetDate parameter in their eMarketing query.
26282  The subscription child form disappears The subscription child remains available when clicking on the sort by Expiration Date
26187  Joining Issue with the baseline query 'Outstanding Subscription Orders by Subscription' and the PurchaseDem table When a customer query is created using demographics duplicate subscriptions no longer show.
26210 In Google Chrome, childforms which were previously opened or on opening new child forms, the child forms collapse on revisiting the pages. Also, childforms collapse on attempting to navigate the numbered pages or sorting by columns. Childforms no longer collapse when trying to navigate to a numbered page or sort on a childform column.


System Updates
Title Description
eweb_My Event: Add guest & Add session link is not available from my event page Add session and add guest page are now available in eWeb from the My Event registration page.
Event_Unable to Add guests for the event where the waitlist is enabled. For events with restricted capacity, if the waitlist is enabled, members will be allowed to register for the event and then placed on the waitlist.
Events - Ticketed sessions are not updating the capacity correctly Ticketed sessions will no longer be available for registration once the session capacity has been reached.


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