When attempting to login to the message:

RemoteApp Disconnected:
Your computer can’t connect to the remote computer because an error occurred on the remote computer that you want to connect to.  Contact your network administrator for assistance.

  1. If you are using Avast anti-virus, an exception has not been added


  2. On the computer, you are using to connect to your ‘Network security:  LAN Manager authentication level’ needs to be updated.

  1. If you are using Avast anti-virus, please speak with your IT team about adding an exception to allow you to access the Abila Online Hosted Environment. You may need to add an exception for RDP.

  2. For a technical explanation from Microsoft about the reason for the change please refer to this Microsoft article for additional information:

To update ‘Network security:  LAN Manager authentication level’:

1. In the Search field type in gpedit.msc

2. Go to: Computer Configuration>Windows Settings>Security Settings>Local Policies>Security Options
3. Locate Network security: LAN Manager Authentication Level
4. Right click and select Properties

5. Select ‘Send NTMLv2 response only’

6. Select Apply>OK
7. Close all windows and try logging into

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Product Issue
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MIP Fund Accounting
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Hosting Database Management
Hosting User Administration
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