After upgrading to v2014 running saved reports created from Donor Statement in prior versions returns:

Error Number: 39
Error accessing external object property val at line 29 in function nf_get_val of object n_report_format.


The issue has been confirmed as a product defect and has been reported to our Research and Development team


While a full resolution is unavailable currently, we offer the following workaround(s) in the meantime:

  1. Edit the criteria of the saved report to fit need of report run.

  2. Select Save As Query in Navigator>Enter Title for saved query>OK.

  3. Select OK>Reports button

  4. Navigator>Financial>Standard Report>Donor Statement

  5. Setup>Change Query>Open Query and select the saved query.

  6. Report runs without issue.

  7. Delete the previously saved report from all menus.

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Product Defect
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Abila Fundraising 50
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