Symptom:  When attempting to do a backup of the database it does not complete due to permissions issues.

The relationship to permissions issues may not be in the initial error message. So got into SQL Management Studio and attempt to make the backup to the same directory through SQL directly (not through MIP). If the process fails, then you know the issue is outside of MIP and with SQL. If the error references accessing directory (usually and Error 5 reference) then you know it is a permissions issue.

Cause: SQL server has lost access to that directory. This is usually NOT an MIP issue. It is an issue with SQL and Windows and outside the scope of MIP support. 

This is a Windows/SQL permissions issue outside of MIP and not something that MIP support can resolve. You should consult with your IT resource as to why this happened and getting it resolved. Recent system changes may impact this issue.

There are two things that can be tried:
Option 1 – Give the user group MSSQLSERVER read/write access to that directory.

Make sure that this is done with both the Sharing and Security Settings tabs.

Attempt the backup again. In most cases this resolves the issue.
If it does not go to Option 2.

Option 2- Give the User Groups “System” and “Everyone”. Again, make sure this is done with the Sharing and Security Tabs

NOTE: This will give anyone on your network access to your backups. It should just be done for testing purposes only until you resolve the problem.

If this resolves the problem, then there is an issue with sharing and security that needs to be resolved. MIP Support cannot assist you with this.

If neither of these works then you will need to consult with your IT resource as to why sql server does not have access to a directory. 

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