The system is not able to pull a specific number of Donors based on criteria (i.e. only show me the top 10 or 20 donors), but can select the donors that meet your criteria which would then allow you to edit your list afterwards.

To find a list of top donors based on their lifetime giving total is relatively easy, however you will need to setup the Donor card options to reflect the donor’s cash total.

  1. Navigate to Administration>Setup>System Options>Donor Card.

Set the Cash Total column to exclude Soft Credits or Match Amount – that way this field will only be displaying the cash received directly from each constituent. 
Select OK.

  1. Verify the above selections have been updated in the system, navigate to any constituent record>Donor card. In the lower left hand corner, see the “Note:” section which states what specific transactions are included in the Cash Total which is based on the system Donor Card setup performed in Step #1.


  1. After verifying everything is setup correctly, navigate to Reports>Constituents>Custom Constituents Export File>Setup>Change Query>Clear.


  1. In this example, we are generating a list of Top Donors whose lifetime giving total is $25,000.00 or more.  From the Donor Card, select Cash Total and use the operator greater than or equal to and enter a value of 25000. Click OK.


  1. Your query screen should look like the screen shot below. Make certain to check or uncheck your Exclude Stamp box (KB 306200) dependent upon your needs. Click OK to close the query screen.


  1. Select the Options tab, then Change Fields. To include the Cash Total field within the report, select the Donor card (Select Fields From>Donor) and move Cash Total to the Selected Merge Fields column along with any other fields you wish to appear on the report.  Click OK.


  1. Select the sort tab and move the Cash Total field to Selected Sort Fields.  To display the constituent with the highest dollar amount first on your report, you will uncheck the Ascending box. Select Run.


  1. On the Run Report screen, select Screen to preview the report. Click OK.

  2. The resultant report will display the number of donors in your database that meet your criteria, if your list is including more donors than intended, you needed the top ten but the list is returning 25 donors, you would simply adjust your Cash Total amount on your query screen to get as close as possible to the correct number of records you are wanting.  As you can see in our list we initially have 12 records, to only print out the top ten (highlighted in red block) we would adjust our Cash Total query from 25000 or more to 35000 or more based on the info displayed in our initial report.


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