Unable to save a Sort or Filter with a space in the name, as soon as you click the spacebar the applet closes as if you clicked the OK button.

Expected behavior: The expected behavior is that we can save a Filter or Sort with a space in the name.


This issue has been confirmed as product defect and has been reported to our Research and Development Team.


This issue has been corrected in Millennium 2013

If upgrading Millennium is not a viable option, we recommend the following workaround:

Don't enter any spaces in the name of the sort or filter.



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Sage Millennium allows your institution to maintain vast amounts of information about each constituent. Each Sage Millennium user will have a different perspective and agenda in determining the importance and meaningfulness of this information, so each user may suppress the display of particular data rows within a data table that are not of immediate interest to him or her. This process is referred to as defining and applying a Filter to a data table. Each user defines his or her own Filter definitions to apply to the display of data in each table, for each data row that is displayed as a primary data, and for some that display as secondary data rows linked to a primary data row.

Create and maintain Sort definitions by using either the section header or linked data section header Edit button menu or the Edit button menu located to the left of any displayed data row, Options > Define Sort.

Toggle the Active data table or linked data Sort On or Off by using the section header or linked data section header Edit button menu, Options > Sort On or Options > Sort Off.

Change the Sort on a data table or linked data by using the section header or linked data section header Edit button menu, Choose Sort.

Sorting allows users to customize the order in which the rows from a table display in the Profiles World so that the information that is most important to each user is the information most readily seen in the display. Each user can define his or her own Sort order for each of the data tables, and some of the linked, secondary tables that display with the data tables.

Sorting determines the order in which the individual data table rows appear on the display page. Since there are many variables that affect your display of data, for clarification, we list the things that Sorting does not do.

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