When utilizing the Soft Credit Setup feature (creating a Soft Credit during gift entry), the search results do not include known constituents in the database.

For example, a gift is entered and the Credit Another Constituent option is selected, upon selecting Save Changes, the Soft Credit Setup window appears, this allows for entry of a constituent id or name to find the proper record that the soft credit is to be created for.  In the example below, the Soft Credit is to be created in Samantha Newman's record (a known consituent in the database). 

Entering the value of New, produces the following list.  Samantha Newman is not on the list. 

If you access Samantha's record you will find that her name card does NOT have the Include in Browse and Quick Gift Name Search box selected.  Once this box is selected, Samantha Newman would be included in the above listing.

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Product Info
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Abila Fundraising 50
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Gift Entry

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