You will need to use the Custom Gift Export file report. 

Access the query screen of the report, select Change Query, then on the query screen itself select Clear, so you are at a blank white query screen.

The most basic query to return all soft credit transactions, is built from the Gift card.

Select the gift card, then select the Credit From ID field and select the operator, Not blank.  Select OK.

Your query screen will now look like this:

Then move to the Options tab of the report setup, select Change Fields.

Include the following fields as a minimum from the Basic and Gift card merge fields:
                     Basic Card – Id number, Constituent Last Name
                     Gift Card – Gift Date, Gift Amount, Tender, Transaction Type, Credit From Name, Credit From ID

Once these fields have been selected, save the merge field selections.

On the sort tab, it is suggested to sort by ID and then gift date.  

Then run the report to screen, the resulting report will look like this:

The ID Number and Const Last Name column, denotes the information related to the soft credit transaction, the Credit From Name and ID, reflects the record that contains the hard dollar gift.

In the above example report:

Bryan Farmer gave a gift in the amount of $50.00 on 9/3/2013 that was soft credited to Trista Abala – ID 47
Bryan Farmer also gave a gift in the amount of $584.00 on 9/01/2013 that was soft credited to Mr. Choco – ID 96

Trista Abala gave a gift in the amount of $35.00 on 1/17/2014 that was soft credited to the following:
                             Marcano – ID 133 for $10.00 
                             Walker – ID 333 for $5.00
                             Jenkins – ID 421 for $10.00
                             Larson – ID 579 for $10.00

Using the initial query as a starting point, you can customize the Query to only include gifts from a specific date range or for specific gift code, such as Solicitation or Campaign or Fund or for a specific constituent.   


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