The purpose of the two Anonymous stamps is unique to a Constituent’s request for anonymity.
Adding the Anonymous stamp to a Constituent’s Basic Card will ensure that all gifts entered for that Constituent are stamped Anonymous automatically by the system from the point in time that the Anonymous stamp is added to the Basic card (the system will NOT retroactively place the Anonymous stamp on existing gifts).
When the Anonymous stamp is added directly to a gift card within a Constituent’s record, this ensures that this single gift transaction is Anonymous.
Therefore dependent upon your System Options as well as which Anonymous Stamp was utilized, the Constituent’s name will not print out on various reports. 
To add the Anonymous stamp to either card, you select Add Caddy Item from the Navigator pane and then select the Anonymous Stamp from the resulting menu of Caddy Items. 

When deciding which stamp to utilize you need to consider the intent of the Constituent, also the stamp will only function properly when the System Options are established, use of the Anonymous stamp without setting up your System options will defeat the intended purpose.
To establish\review your System Options in reference to the Anonymous Stamp, navigate to:  Admin>Setup>System Options>Reports.  

The right hand side of this window indicates the Report options available for each type stamp.  Your selections here will determine when the Constituent’s name will or will not be displayed in relation to gift entries.

Please remember that altering the System Options in reference to the Anonymous Stamp will affect all users in the system.  These are not User Options but System Options, therefore changes made to these selections by any user are reflected throughout the product.

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