Attempted access to the Abila Knowledgebase produces "Access Denied" error or "You are not authorized to view this page" error in Chrome.


1) Your browser has switched the URL from to https.  

2) You used the self-service password reset on the Support Portal landing page, and you did not login to the Support Portal and update the temporary password.  This creates a miss-matched password scenario that sometimes causes an "Access Denied" error.  


1) Switch the URL back to  and it should allow access.

2) To resolve the password miss-match error, try navigating to the Support Portal, log in with the temporary password you received from NetSuite, and chose the 'Reset Password/Sync' link on the right under Administration.  Follow the on-screen prompts to update the password. Once updated, log out of the portal, and you can log in to the KB in a CLEAN browser instance.  This should resolve the issue. If it didn't resolve it, make sure you are not also having the #1 issue above with the URL switch.  If neither of these resolves the issue,  contact us on chat during business hours or contact Abila and we will respond on the next available business day. 

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